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When answering this question it is important to understand a few terms as we discuss program length.  As an accredited college, we are required to state what the normal time frame and the maximum time frame is for each program.  The stated time frame or program length is different for each accredited program we offer. 

  • The definition of the normal time frame is the period of time we are required to offer the entire program's curriculum.  If the normal time frame is 28 months, we are required to offer each course in the curriculum for the program within 28 months.  A student has an opportunity to complete the program in 28 months, if they progress at a regular rate, and are enrolled full time (12 credits) each semester.
  • The definition of the maximum time frame is the period of time a student is allowed to be enrolled in a program and earn the academic credential for that program.  If the maximum time frame is 44 months, the student must complete all required course work within 44 months. 
  • Can a student attend beyond 44 months of enrollment?  Yes, but they cannot receive the program's academic credential.

Now, stating that our normal and maximum time frames are 28/44 months for our associate degree court reporting program does not mean that a student will complete the program in 28 or 44 months.  It is important to uderstand that court reporting programs consist of academic course work and skill development course work.  The skill development component is where program completion times vary from student to student.  Every student learns, develops, and progresses with their skill at different rates.  Please speak with our administrative staff regarding the average completion time for our students who complete their respective programs.

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