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Returning to school is a major commitment, so it's important to research which school/program will be your best choice. But what should you look for when choosing an online court reporting school?

Nicky Rodriquez, CCR's director of admissions, shares some important factors to consider:

1. Program Relevance/Curriculum
Prospective students should look for a school that offers classes which provide a well-rounded education enabling them to enter all four fields of court reporting even before they graduate. That way students are not limited in their choice of court reporting career when they join the profession; they're ready to be a freelance reporter, official reporter, Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) provider, or broadcast captioner.


2. Faculty Experience/Engagement
Are the teachers certified and have the experience needed to teach their respective classes? Are the teachers currently employed in the field or past court reporters? Are they experts in their field? Do they have the hands-on experience to share with students? Additionally, aside from just experience, students should ask how much faculty are engaged with students on a daily and weekly basis. Taking online classes may seem daunting but with consistent faculty engagement the learning process can be much less stressful.


3. Support Services

Going to school doesn't just involve classes and completing homework. Support services are a vital piece of the puzzle. Some of these services may be provided by designated staff members who can help a student navigate, for example, the steps necessary to register for classes or how to apply for financial aid. Other services may include self-guided tutorials, phone help lines, technical assistance, and webinars. Additionally, once a student graduates, it's time to find a job. Does the school you're considering have someone who can help create a resume or cover letter or help you find a job with a reputable employer?


The above are just a few tips to help a prospective student ask questions that are relevant to finding the right online court reporting school. Here at CCR we're happy to give you answers to all of these questions. We believe our curriculum, our faculty, and our support services from student admission to graduation and beyond are the best in the industry, and we're not afraid to discuss with you why. In fact, according to recent employer satisfaction surveys, CCR graduates exceeded their standards of entry which means they needed less on-the-job training than other graduates. Just one way in which CCR stands out against other court reporting programs. With award-winning teachers, a well-rounded curriculum, and life-long access for our graduates to support services like career placement, CCR wants to make sure students get the best court reporting education possible.


Of course, the choice is yours. Happy researching!