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INCRA – Become Involved

Court reporting can be a very isolated career. We go to depositions or to court and then we go home to produce the transcript. Court reporting school can be very solitary as well. You attend class a few times a week, but then you are left to practice on your own. All of this alone time can lead to stagnation. We all need motivation sometimes. From my personal experience, it seems that the more involved a person, the more successful and fulfilled they are.

How can court reporting students get involved? Of course, I’m going to say by joining INCRA. Attending trainings and conventions is a great way to meet and greet your local court reporting community and learn a thing or two in the process. But that’s not the only way you can get involved. Get and meet with a mentor regularly. Go to court and watch legal proceedings in action. Join NCRA and read their monthly publication, the JCR.

Becoming involved can really help you make that transition from student to working reporter. It’s never too early in your education to meet your future co-workers or learn about your future job responsibilities. Do what you can to get more involved today!