The College of Court Reporting awarded almost $21,000 in professional scholarships to nine recent graduates. This purpose of the scholarship is for College of Court Reporting graduates to enhance realtime skills, obtain professional certification, continue education, and purchase equipment/software.  CCR was able to provide this scholarship through the 2012 Training for Realtime Writers Grant it received from the U.S. Department of Education (DOE).


Award winners were selected based on an essay contest that asked students to respond to two prompts: The first prompt required students to explain the importance of professionalism and the second asked students to explain their approach to using CCR’s skill development software, ev360 Professional, in order to earn realtime certification. A panel of CCR administrators and faculty members ranked the essayists’ responses based on their understanding of the topics listed above. The award recipients that follow demonstrated the clearest understanding of what it takes to be a professional in the field of court reporting.


The recipients are listed in order of their award amount: Bob Strohl, Easton, PA; Jennifer McKay, New Lenox, IL; Erika Darnold, Robinson, IL; Gina Powell, Northport, AL; Andrea Dalsing, Oswego, IL; Laura Post, Manassas, VA; Amy Schleinz, Wasau, WI; Marie Tibaldi, Easton, PA; and Laura Shapiro, Aurora, IL.


On behalf of its administration, faculty, students, and graduates, the College of Court Reporting team would like to congratulate these individuals on their successes.